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Car Power Window Repair

Car Power Window Repair
In 1940 Packard first introduced the hydraulic window a year later Ford Motor Company introduced the first power window on several passenger models. today very vehicle manufacture offers a electric power window.

Your cars power window motor is what interacts with your window to make the window move up and down when you push the power window button. The power window replaced the crank windows in many vehicles today.

From time to time your power window motor may stop working resulting in power window repair.

Just because your window doesn't move up and down when you push on the window button, does not mean the motor is dead or needs to be replaced. You should test the motor by turning the ignition to the on position and then pressing the window button, in most cases if the motor is good, you will hear the motor running when the button is pressed.

If you don't hear the motor running then there's a good chance the power window motor needs to be replaced. If you can hear the motor running but the window will not move up or down then there are several things that could be wrong.

It may be that the window has is detached from the regulator or the regulator itself may be broken.

Either way, National Glass Experts trained technicians can repair or replace your power window motor or regulator.

It's always best to have repairs performed as soon as you start to notice your window acting up. This may prevent you from head aches later.

If the window happens to get stuck in the down position, it can create an open invitation for theft or possible water damage if you vehicle is left out in the element.

Repairs take about an hour to complete and all repairs can be completed where ever your vehicle is located.

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