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Car Window Regulator Repair

Every window has a regulator attached to the actual window glass. If you have power windows the motor is attached to the regulator, for those that have manual windows the window handle crank is attached to the regulator.
The regulator is made up of two tracks a cable and several pieces of plastic. Over time the plastic and cable wear out and need to be replaced.
When the plastic pieces wear out it causes the cable not to function properly, which may prevent the window from moving up and down.
Here are a few symptoms that may indicate it's time for your car window regulator replacement:

  • Auto Window does not move up or down.
  • Car Window fell into the door.
  • Vehicle window knob won't turn.
  • Auto door window moves at an angle
  • Automobile door window makes noise when moving up or down.
 Tip: continuing to force the window up or down may cause extended damage to your cars window glass. If you force the window and its binding against metal in the door, it could cause scratches on the glass. This could result in the replacement of the car door window glass. This is a good reason not to put off window regulator replacement.
What's involved in replacing the car door window regulator?
  • The technician will insect the damaged area
  • Remove the vehicle door panel to gain access to the car window regulator
  • Carefully inspect the window regulator and motor
  • Detach the window from the regulator
  • Install the new regulator
  • Reinstall the door panel
This service takes about an hour to complete.
Don't have time to waste in an auto glass shop waiting room? No problem, our convenient mobile units are more than happy to come to where ever your damaged vehicle is located, at no extra cost. Call for a no-obligation quote for the cost of auto window regulator replacement and set a convenient day and time that fits your busy schedule.

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